An ode to a dinner table, 2023
in collaboration with Jake Shepherd
Galleri Snerk, Tromsø, Norway, 12 - 21 November

The installation is a musing of the social spaces of meal sharing, or things that happen around a dinner table. Mended textile scraps form a semi-transparent tablecloth that nods to pot luck dinners where collective contributions offer a non hierarchical model of hosting and where many parts come together to create a meal. Hand turned wooden objects and hand carved stone vessels speak of the care and labour of love that goes into hosting and being together. A list acts as a kind of manifesto of things that happen around a dinner table, whether that be actions or expressions of love and tenderness. A circle of ants collectively sip a sugary liquid feast alongside us.
photography by Mia Tohver, Yvette Bathgate and Jake Shepherd